The 9 1/2 Best Digital Marketing YouTube Videos Under 10 Minutes of 2016 / 2017

Yes — I’ve plundered through umpteen minutes of marketing speak; some highly informative and some had me looking for a bottle of sleeping pills. I've come through the other side of the digital rainbow unscathed and armed with information to help those in marketing need. Alas my avid viewer, you get to partake in only the good, plus short, marketing videos that I thought worthy of your inquiring minds. Enjoy the knowledge I bestow upon thee... (in no particular order mind you) Digital Read More >>

80% of Consumers Buy from Brands They Follow Socially

Social media networks allow you to quickly broadcast your product, service, message, etc. to many curious eyes at once. The stronger your brand presence on social media, the more you  can reach. If you’re not in the game — they’re not buying from you! Per, this train ain’t a’slowin down anytime soon either pardner. There are now 7.4 billion people on the planet and of those the following numbers make interesting reading. There are just over 3.4 Billion active Read More >>

How SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design & User Experience Mix

SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, & User Experience. These four things are essential components for your digital team to understand & put into practice. These things are vital to the progress, success & effectiveness of your business on the digital space. So as we advance through the start of 2016, here are some points to keep in mind while considering any changes to your current digital presence: Web Design for SEO Has Evolved Some people believe that websites which are designed Read More >>

How to Market Your Small Business

Local newspaper ads aren’t working for you anymore? What’s that—all you have left is the local coffee shop paper to advertise in?!? Fear not small business owner—I have 3, yes THREE, ways to save your marketing day. One of them will even increase your SEO with Google, shhhh… Head Out of the House Have you been to No it’s not just gardeners comparing green thumbs or stay at home parents looking for sanity in an adult setting (although I’m sure it’s happening quite Read More >>

The Mayans Were Wrong, The Web is Alive and Growing

2013 is going to be a huge year on the Web and here at OnWired. To start the year off in the right direction, we will be sharing occasional tips and news we feel may benefit you and grow your business. We’d love to grab your hand and lead the way to this brave new web world of online marketing. Our first four tips (and yeah a tiny sales pitch): Design Still Matters Just not how it used to. The focus is less on the “wow” factor and more on the user interface and getting tasks completed. Read More >>

Predicting the Future with TIMA

It was my distinct pleasure on Wednesday to attend the year’s first panel event, “The Futurists,” hosted by the Triangle Interactive Media Association, TIMA for short (in case you didn’t know). Have you heard of TIMA? I hadn’t until this past Fall - it was when a friend of mine, another online diva, mentioned that her company was planning to send her to TIMA’s 2012 Internet Summit and…had I heard?…and was I going too? I literally LOL’d (laughed out loud). I was in the middle Read More >>