Optimize Website

8 Ways to Optimize Your Website and Improve Conversion Rates

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the phrases “click-through-rate” or “conversion rate” and “optimize” more times than you can count.  If you’ve worked with a marketing company before, it’s likely these were all items on a long checklist of things to do and track.  Simply put, these are all items and buzzwords that are highly important when discussing your business goals and how your website helps you achieve them.   In this article, we’ll discuss 8 ways to optimize Read More >>
Your SEO Sucks

3 Signs Your SEO Sucks

Small business owners are the wizards of DIY work.  Need to fix a copy machine?  Nobody owns copy machines anymore; throw it out the window and go to Kinkos.  That was a bad example, but as a small business owner, you know you’re frugal when it comes to certain everyday items you need completed.  That has somehow extended to Do-It-Yourself SEO. Your first mistake is thinking you know anything about Search Engine Optimization; you don’t, and it’s hard.  As someone who tried to do the Read More >>
İstanbul, Turkey - January 16, 2016: Paper cubes with Popular social media services icons, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and a Macbook Pro laptop computer on a wooden desk.

5 Social Media Marketing Blunders

In the world of Marketing, it’s often easy to tout oneself as a “Social Media Guru.”  You post a few cat videos, get over 50 likes then, boom.  You quickly find yourself posting for your friend’s homemade jewelry Facebook page.  It sounds simple, and it means extra time spent scrolling the news feed.  However, in actuality, Social Media Marketing is much more than post and go. In this article, we’ll talk about a few blunders many of us have made (and learned from) and how you can Read More >>

The 9 1/2 Best Digital Marketing YouTube Videos Under 10 Minutes of 2016 / 2017

Yes — I’ve plundered through umpteen minutes of marketing speak; some highly informative and some had me looking for a bottle of sleeping pills. I've come through the other side of the digital rainbow unscathed and armed with information to help those in marketing need. Alas my avid viewer, you get to partake in only the good, plus short, marketing videos that I thought worthy of your inquiring minds. Enjoy the knowledge I bestow upon thee... (in no particular order mind you) Digital Read More >>

80% of Consumers Buy from Brands They Follow Socially

Social media networks allow you to quickly broadcast your product, service, message, etc. to many curious eyes at once. The stronger your brand presence on social media, the more you  can reach. If you’re not in the game — they’re not buying from you! Per SmartInsights.com, this train ain’t a’slowin down anytime soon either pardner. There are now 7.4 billion people on the planet and of those the following numbers make interesting reading. There are just over 3.4 Billion active Read More >>

How SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design & User Experience Mix

SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, & User Experience. These four things are essential components for your digital team to understand & put into practice. These things are vital to the progress, success & effectiveness of your business on the digital space. So as we advance through the start of 2016, here are some points to keep in mind while considering any changes to your current digital presence: Web Design for SEO Has Evolved Some people believe that websites which are designed Read More >>