How SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design & User Experience Mix

SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, & User Experience. These four things are essential components for your digital team to understand & put into practice. These things are vital to the progress, success & effectiveness of your business on the digital space. So as we advance through the start of 2016, here are some points to keep in mind while considering any changes to your current digital presence: Web Design for SEO Has Evolved Some people believe that websites which are designed Read More >>

Elite by Design — Interview With Tony Chester of OnWired

I was recently an honored interviewee of Brian Lovin, owner of the popular web design blog Elite by Design. Elite by Design is a web and graphic design community that has been providing helpful and insightful articles in the fields of web design, web development, and graphic design since 2007. Thanks for the interview, Brian. Hopefully some useful information was transferred through the tubes and into your loyal readers. Here’s a short snippet from the interview: What are three things Read More >>

Tweet Worthy Links for the Week

As I find myself sharing sites, images, articles, etc., that I enjoy via Twitter, I figured I should probably create a weekly placeholder of those interesting places, here on our own website. Please enjoy these links and I do hope they prove to be useful to you. Let’s start this post off with a view of some absolutely incredible sidewalk chalk drawings by the aptly named “sidewalk chalk guy” Courtesy of Flickr. What the Font Have you come across a font on a website that you just Read More >>

Tooting Our So Called Horn

OnWired has been making its rounds in the blog circuit lately and I felt that is something we should be bragging about, so here I go. Lulu Blog If you’re not familiar with Lulu, they are basically an online publishing company with great service and rates to match. I’m sure that doesn’t tell you much so I’ll let Lulu tell you in their own words: Lulu is changing the world of publishing by empowering authors to publish their work themselves for free with complete editorial and copyright Read More >>

Goodbye, OnWired

It’s a sad day for me. As I write this, I have most of my office packed up and am about to exit OnWired for the last time as part of the team. I have new monsters to slay. It wasn’t long ago that I moved to Raleigh from up north. I’d only been in the area a few weeks before I had OnWired and another local agency in my radar. After meeting with the team here, I knew where I belonged. Everybody was cool, trendy and young. I saw working alongside like-minded people fresh out of design school Read More >>

We Haz the Chimp

I can not tell a lie Truth be told, I was quite bold, And took the chimp for a ride. It was hard to find a seat belt that fit, In our Avis van…that piece of shit. Things began to look bleak When @kenseals threw out his tweet, Accusing OnWired of this dastardly feat. Oh the fun with Freddie we have had, Adhering to all the demands. Thirteen peanuts and chocolate plantains Just part of the pressing, we had to sustain. Let’s not forget about the flying poo, This chimp’s Read More >>

Webmaster Jam Session 2008: We Be Jammin’

After a lovely drive, a short train ride, and a lot of walking, the OnWired crew is coming to you live from the Webmaster Jam Session 2008 in Atlanta. We’ll be posting throughout the day and keeping you updated on the happenings, the quotable quotes, and the tidbits of wisdom we pick up while we’re here. Friday 10AM — Managing Your Personal Brand Brian Oberkirch, marketing consultant and founder of Small Good Thing, led this session. “Do epic shit.” Yes, that’s right — that’s Read More >>

Here We Grow Again

In the past few weeks, the OnWired team has doubled in size.  After reviewing hundreds of resumes and and conducting more than our fair share of interviews, we found a few up-and-coming stars that we just couldn’t pass up. Megan Richhart is our newest web designer.  She recently graduated from Ball State University, where she studied journalism graphics and digital publishing.  Given the fact that she was taking a class on designing digital media for the iPhone in her last semester, it’s Read More >>