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Mobile Website Design Has Taken the Creativity Out of Web Design

My take on why responsive website design is sucking the creativity out of the web design industry as a whole.

Working at OnWired on my Birthday

My mom called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday… “Did you stay home to enjoy the day? Are you taking it easy?” I didn’t even bother to stifle the laugh. I enjoyed a big, fat guffaw (itis my birthday, after all). “No, Mom. I’m at work. But I came into the office and there were balloons! There was also a tasty, delicious slice of cake waiting for me. I can’t complain too much. Besides, it’s OnWired. So, it’s all good.” Project management waits for no man…or Read More >>

Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — Round 4

It’s starting to get ugly in the wireframe arena. Rounds One, Two, and Three reminded me of the knee to face combos between Penn vs. Sanchez back in December. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that rough, but it’s been intense… In the last round, Lovely Charts and Creately were neck and neck, but Creately won out overall. This week Justproto and Gliffy go head-to-head. The Justproto Rundown: Free Templates: 1 Design: Interface 6/10 Tools/Components: 8/10 Sharing:Public Read More >>

Please Trust Your Designer

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week or so, you’ve probably heard a little something about LeBron James’ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and join the Miami Heat. Heck, I do my best to completely ignore professional sports and even I know far too much about the brouhaha. LeBron did his best to create a media circus, but I’m not here to talk about him today. Shortly after LeBron’s announcement, Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert released one of the most Read More >>

Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — Round 3

Are you ready for the third round of the Wireframe Madness? If you missed the first or second round check them out here: First Round& Second Round. The last round was a blow out between Cacoo and Mockflow. Mockflow easily took the cake. This week things may get ugly between Creately and Lovely Charts. Check out the score below. Let’s do this. Lovely Charts The Lovely Charts Rundown: Free Templates: 1 Design: Interface 7/10 Tools/Components: 6/10 Sharing: Export as PNG Read More >>

Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — Round 2

It’s time. The second round of the Wireframe Tourney is about to begin. If you missed the first round, STOP right now, and go read it. As I’ve already mentioned, each app will be scrutinized and ranked on “free-ness”, interface design, tool set, and other miscellaneous pros and cons, two at a time. This weeks battle is between Cacoo and Mockflow. Only one app will reign superior and move on to the next bracket. Are you ready to rumble? Cacoo The Cacoo Rundown: Free Templates: Read More >>

Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — 2010!

This is the first installment of our multi-part bracket series pitting 8 wireframe apps against each other in a winner takes all battle for wireframe supremacy. It’s gonna get bloody. I work on wireframes on a daily basis, and there is an art to it. I usually take a more detailed route when knocking out a set of wireframes, but FREE wireframe apps do come in handy for tight turn around projects. We recently ran across a list of the best wireframe software apps on Tripwire Magazine and decided Read More >>

How Twitter Represents You

Twitter isn’t being referred to as “next big thing” anymore — for many businesses, entrepreneurs and those out to self-promote, it’s seemingly the only thing. Micro-blogging has exploded onto the social networking scene with Twitter, years behind the status update features of Myspace and Facebook. Unlike the two aforementioned, however, Twitter doesn’t come with fairly dimensional layers and the lengthy learning curve. You put in your e-mail account, grab a few buddies (“followers”), Read More >>

The Best & Worst of 2008

While some of you rejoiced when last year ended, we personally thought 2008 was a dandy. We had Manga avatars, saw Twitter explode with new users, and watched helplessly as thousands of new design blogs and galleries crowded the net. In our opinion, 2008 isn’t dead until we get a few things (or plugs) off our chests… Inspirational Blog of 2008: Winner: 24 Ways With a staff of experienced professionals, 24 Ways brings design and development into a single blog better than anybody. On Read More >>

Defining Content is Key to Successful Projects

I’m in the midst of wrapping up an ExpressionEngine project for one of our clients. During the process it dawned on me: The biggest mistake one can make as a designer or developer is not defining the ‘Content.’ I’ve been fortunate with this project because I had a very simple task: Take an existing site we created, roll the content into a Content Management System and create new templates. The design was created by another design studio who has written the book (or multiple books) Read More >>