Website Critique, Analysis, and Reviews

Website Analysis, Meetup, and OnWired -- it's like strawberries, whip cream, and brown sugar. If you’re local to the Raleigh/Durham area, have a website, and want to have it analyzed for any of the following: marketing prowess conversion ability SEO brand consistency customer perspectives and so on and so forth You need to reserve your FREE space on the big screen to have your website critiqued by folks who’ve been creating websites and digital marketing campaigns for quite Read More >>
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Meetup Recap: Social Selling Masterclass

As I’m becoming more active within the local Raleigh/Durham community, I thought it would be nice to share the benefits of local Meetups. This one in particular was sponsored by a friend of mine and marketing extraordinaire, Cole Watts. His Triangle Marketing Club provides very insightful data and entertaining speakers. Tonight for instance, we enjoyed the marketing and sales savvy of the talented Lindsey Boggs. From the event page: Join us in May as Lindsey Boggs, Social Selling Expert, explains Read More >>

New (Pretty) Faces at OnWired

It’s a new year and we’ve hit the ground running to keep up with projects that have carried over from last year and new projects that we’ve confirmed since the Holidays. We’re also assimilating our new faces. Have you checked-in to see the new members to our Team? If not, you should. We promise they’re pretty. First, we’d like to introduce Laura Schuchart (see her OW bio here). She is our new Client Marketing Consultant. And you’ll have an opportunity to speak with her Read More >>

Wishing you Merry Festivities

Everybody’s doing it. I can’t tell you how many pictures of Holiday parties I’ve seen on my social networks. And you know what?! I love each one of them. Because it reminds me that people are still investing in each other, that companies are still investing in the people who help make their effort worthwhile in the market. How do I get that from a simple snapshot?! I’m reading too much into it, you say?! Could be true. But those people didn’t have to be in the picture. And they Read More >>

Remembering The “Why” This Thanksgiving

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, we embark upon a lot of stresses we don’t normally encounter throughout the rest of the year. The grocery stores are always crowded during this time with lines (at least) four people deep, the aisles are packed with shopping carts being pushed by people who aren’t really even paying attention, but somehow they’ve managed to fill their carts half-full with Turkey Day treats. Traffic seems to be more abundant with impatient drivers honking or using age-old Read More >>

OnWired Client Go Realty Featured on American Express OPEN Forum

A few days ago I received a nice email from Jim Garman, the brilliant owner of Go Realty, advising me to check out an article about their website The article was titled “What Does Web Design Say About Your Small Business?” and was sitting on American Expresses OPEN Forum site. Needless to say, I was pretty excited for him—and for OnWired. Go’s approach to the busy landscape of real estate is much welcomed. They wanted to humanize the process and show we’re not another Read More >>

iPad Stolen—Finders Keepers


OnWired HQ infiltrated. Enemy agent escaped with iPad. Your objective: locate agent and recover device.

First operative to complete mission will receive iPad.

Intel on enemy agent’s whereabouts to be distributed via Twitter. Follow @onwired to be kept apprised.

The search has begun. If you’ve figured something out, share what you know.

Managing WordPress on the Go

OnWired is doing quite a bit with WordPress these days. Most of our clients end up self-managing the sites we build and we’re always looking for ways to make site management easier. Mobile WordPress apps could play a huge part in how our clients maintain their sites moving forward. WordPress is one of the most widely used content management platforms available. Most users probably don’t need access to their site while they’re on the go, but if you’re using a smartphone (or web-enabled Read More >>