Voice Search And Your Business: Are You Optimized?

Voice assistants including Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are more popular than ever – and are used for both on-the-go and at home users, using smart speakers like Google Home, Apple Homepod and Amazon’s Alexa devices.  In fact, voice search-friendly devices are incredibly common to the point that even cars are utilizing this second nature convenience. About 40 million Americans own a smart speaker and as much as half of all searches could be voice-based by 2020. Voice Read More >>

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Here’s How to Tell

Today, if your company website isn’t mobile friendly, all of your marketing efforts attracting new customers and improving brand awareness are virtually (pun intended), for nothing. A reported 64% of global users surf the web from a smartphone , along with other mobile devices. What does this mean? It’s very likely a potential client or customer is using their phone to surf your website. And, if these mobile users don’t have a positive experience on your website, they most likely won’t Read More >>

Measuring Digital Marketing Success: Choosing The Right Metrics

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times… well, maybe not a million, but you get the point.  Track and measure your digital marketing performance so that you can see what’s working for you, and what’s not working. Since there are lots of different ways to track these efforts, let’s talk about Measuring, specifically let’s focus on the metrics you should keep an eye on in 2019. Traffic - Overall and By Source Traffic refers to how many people visit your website. Read More >>
How to Get the Right Online Reviews for Your Business

How to Get the Right Online Reviews for Your Business

Online reviews play an increasingly integral role in the modern consumer’s decision-making process. Many people now read product and service reviews and check out user comments before ever making a purchase. As a business owner, it pays to ensure that you can capitalize on the growing impetus on online reviews. If you’re keen to get the right reviews, here are some top tips: Make use of Google My Business Google My Business is the latest version of Google Local and Google Places. It enables Read More >>

The Most Desirable Quality of the New Hire in the Web Industry

The question came up - “Who is your dream hire?” - during the January event hosted by the Triangle Interactive Media Association (read my intro to the TIMA event here). What makes someone a desirable member of the team? The Panel, of course, came up with a wide range of answers - some funny and some serious. I am always interested in hearing what business leaders within the web industry have to say about the kind of people they want on their team. I know plenty of talented individuals Read More >>

Self Awareness | One of the Most Powerful (and Underutilized) Tools

This is a part three (and the conclusion) to a mini blog series that I’ve been working to develop. (Wait…did I just hear a sigh of relief?!) I’ve been marinating on the panel discussion from the January TIMA event and really taking ownership of the question (and answer) to “What is the most desirable quality of the New Hire in the web industry?” (see previous blog). And I had just ended with… The discussion took an interesting turn when someone - I can’t really remember who is Read More >>

Focus Today and Play Tomorrow

Focus Today and Play Tomorrow Are you one of those people who have a ton of things to do, yet not sure what to get started on first? Are all tasks of equal importance, so nothing gets completed? If you’ve experienced any of this, then you’re in good company—because so have I. Often times I’ll sit down with the intention of reading and answering emails when suddenly I realize, an email has swept me away to a thread on Facebook. From there, I’m engaged and reading about something totally Read More >>

Time Keeps On Tickin… Tickin… Tickin…

Today, I want to talk about man hours, the act of creation, and the big bang theory. But I’ll only talk about man hours. Many are not aware of the difference between an hour, a man hour, and a woman hour. So, let’s address that first. An HOUR is a collection of 60 minutes. Usually consecutive. Actually, always consecutive, and this is important as you will later see. Henceforth I dub thee: “Clock Hours.” A MAN hour is an hour filled with grunts on a sofa, one hand half down the Read More >>