Outperform Your Competitor: 3 Solid Strategies For Your Website

From search engine rankings and website design, to marketing strategies and sales - a competitive web presence is essential to the success of a business. So, how do you know if your business has a strong online presence? Easy. Start by researching your competitors and peers in your industry, and see how they measure up against you online. Not sure how to go about that? No worries. Our team has put together three broad strategies to help your business rise above the competition when it comes Read More >>

Top 8 Web Design Trends to Nail It in 2020

Like all things affected by design, websites go through various trends as time progresses. Unlike fashion and home design, these trends do not tend to come back around. This is because of the linear movement of technological advancements, which is what tends to drive website improvements. Want to know some of the top trends for 2020? Our team has compiled a list and here are our Top Eight favorites to consider when it comes to your website design this year.   Minimalist Designs  This Read More >>

9 Questions You Should Ask A Web Designer… Before You Hire Them

One of the most important elements of a website is that it accurately represents your business (and you!). So, it should go without saying that it is important that you may only have one chance to turn a website visitor into a customer and first impressions are everything.  A truly successful website does several things: brings traffic to the website, keeps the traffic engaged on the website and produces conversions - all while looking great and being user friendly. In need of a website redesign Read More >>

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Here’s How to Tell

Today, if your company website isn’t mobile friendly, all of your marketing efforts attracting new customers and improving brand awareness are virtually (pun intended), for nothing. A reported 64% of global users surf the web from a smartphone , along with other mobile devices. What does this mean? It’s very likely a potential client or customer is using their phone to surf your website. And, if these mobile users don’t have a positive experience on your website, they most likely won’t Read More >>
Web Design In 2019 What Not To Do - Digital Marketing Raleigh

Web Design In 2019 – What Not To Do

When websites first burst onto our computer screens, way before smartphones, people who were into programming used to think it was a good idea to embed music and videos launch from the moment their website was clicked. Do you remember those days? We’re pretty lucky to be in a time now where we no longer have that with every single site. The cheesy website tricks of 10-15 years ago may well have been cringey, but it’s these early stage experiences that helped us to learn exactly what NOT Read More >>

Website Trends for 2019

Web design is complicated — there’s no doubt about that. If you want your website to convert clicks into customers effectively and consistently, then the design is a big deal. Here’s what people always get wrong — it’s not just the way your website looks, it’s also about how easy it is to use in the first place. This is why, as a business owner, you should pay close attention to your website design and the way that it works for your users. A website that looked fantastic in 2014 Read More >>

8 Ways to Optimize Your Website and Improve Conversion Rates

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the phrases “click-through-rate” or “conversion rate” and “optimize” more times than you can count.  If you’ve worked with a marketing company before, it’s likely these were all items on a long checklist of things to do and track.  Simply put, these are all items and buzzwords that are highly important when discussing your business goals and how your website helps you achieve them.   In this article, we’ll discuss 8 ways to optimize Read More >>
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Responsive Design Must Go

Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a website killer. He exists in the form of mobile devices. I touched on this subject with ‘The Death of Web Design’ where I briefly mentioned that mobile devices are becoming the go-to device of choice. Today we are expanding on the fact that more and more people are simply using their phones more than their computers. The Myth About Mobile I was a victim as well. People are not starting on mobile devices and then moving to their desktop/laptop for further investigation. Read More >>

How SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design & User Experience Mix

SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, & User Experience. These four things are essential components for your digital team to understand & put into practice. These things are vital to the progress, success & effectiveness of your business on the digital space. So as we advance through the start of 2016, here are some points to keep in mind while considering any changes to your current digital presence: Web Design for SEO Has Evolved Some people believe that websites which are designed Read More >>
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The Death of Web Design

I know what you’re thinking… “Hey Tony, you work in this industry right? Are you crazy?” Like a fox 😉 A couple of years ago, I was reading the tea leaves and what they told me was highly designed and customized websites were on a death march. If you’re in the industry, you most likely know where I’m going with this. If not, welcome to the world of the wild and wonderful web. Mercenary Numero Uno: Mobile Devices As mobile devices become our go-to device, the desktop/laptop browsers Read More >>