Flavor of the Season

Please enjoy a unique OnWired twist on an old holiday favorite.   Twas the night before the site launch when all through the web Not a line of code was stirring, not even a <head> The tabs were all hung by the nav bar with care In hopes that OnWired soon would be there. The developers were nestled all snug in their caves, While visions of breadcrumbs danced in their brains. And Tony in his kerchief, and Jon in his cap,
 Had just closed their MacBooks for a short Read More >>

The Calling Card Cocktail: Our New Business Cards

I started working at OnWired on July 24th, a few weeks after I’d moved to the Triangle from Siberia, USA (you may know it as Ohio). I spent my first week working on a project for an existing client, getting warmed up to the way things operated around here, but it didn’t take long for in-house branding talk to kick in. Sometime at the end of the summer — once everybody new to the team got settled in to the digs — discussions started on self-marketing. We knew we had to find ways to promote Read More >>

Dislodge the Creative Block

Everyone has creativity but not everyone is a creative. Creative status depends on whether you choose to use your creative ability or not. Creativity can be found in anything from a world-wide marketing campaign to a lie from a five year old trying to get out of eating broccoli casserole. People have been on a hunt for creative inspiration for thousands of years. Creativity was only a concept to Plato and his posse back in the day; it simply meant “to make.” To the ancient Greeks, the artist Read More >>

Calling All Print Designers: Time to Transcend

I should start off by saying that I love print design. My roots in design will always trace back to my background in print. Yet, print is endangered. Why kill a forest reading the newspaper when you can view it (and more) online? Why fumble through thousands of pages in the encyclopedia looking for something when all you have to do is type it in Encyclopedia.com and boom - like magic - it’s right there. With the internet becoming more of a daily tool, employment in print is fading. Plus, Read More >>

That Didn’t Take Long

We launched our new design 20 November 2007, and since then we’ve been fortunate enough to receive quite a bit of positive feedback: kind words sent through our contact form, some great publicity in a few design galleries, and even praiseworthy mention in an article about top 2007 design trends. But you know you’ve really got some fans when you encounter something like this: I’ve posted a screenshot so you can marvel at his mad design skillz!!1!. You can also find it on Flickr Read More >>