Is Minimalist Web Design Really More Effective?

You've probably heard the phrase “less is more,” but this is an adage that’s difficult for most business owners to follow, especially when it comes to web design. Read More >>

What is a Logo?

I believe in a strong design, but I don’t get hung up on it. I’m a content girl. Read More >>

Sales Superstar? We Need You!

Do you enjoy socializing at networking events? Are you on the latest and greatest social networks? Do you get that special tingly feeling when you help someone find the perfect solution to their problem? Read More >>

Web Developer Wanted in Cary NC

Are you a web standards evangelist? Can you wrestle CSS into submission and coerce PHP to do your bidding? Do you get that special tingly feeling when you roll out a shiny new custom-built CMS or ecommerce platform? If so, please keep reading. Read More >>

Are You the Minority

You remember that first brand spanking new computer you purchased for $5,995 with it’s text based user interface and it’s 640 pixel resolution?!? Yeah baby — you dig it the most! You guessed it — times are a-changing my friends. What do you think today’s resolutions are running on, with the advent of all these flat screen HD monitors you see, draping everyones desks from the classroom to the coffee shops? 800 rez? That’s so early 1990’s. 1024 rez? Getting closer but still several Read More >>

How to Market Your Small Business

Local newspaper ads aren’t working for you anymore? What’s that—all you have left is the local coffee shop paper to advertise in?!? Fear not small business owner—I have 3, yes THREE, ways to save your marketing day. One of them will even increase your SEO with Google, shhhh… Head Out of the House Have you been to No it’s not just gardeners comparing green thumbs or stay at home parents looking for sanity in an adult setting (although I’m sure it’s happening quite Read More >>

Working at OnWired on my Birthday

My mom called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday… “Did you stay home to enjoy the day? Are you taking it easy?” I didn’t even bother to stifle the laugh. I enjoyed a big, fat guffaw (itis my birthday, after all). “No, Mom. I’m at work. But I came into the office and there were balloons! There was also a tasty, delicious slice of cake waiting for me. I can’t complain too much. Besides, it’s OnWired. So, it’s all good.” Project management waits for no man…or Read More >>

The Most Desirable Quality of the New Hire in the Web Industry

The question came up - “Who is your dream hire?” - during the January event hosted by the Triangle Interactive Media Association (read my intro to the TIMA event here). What makes someone a desirable member of the team? The Panel, of course, came up with a wide range of answers - some funny and some serious. I am always interested in hearing what business leaders within the web industry have to say about the kind of people they want on their team. I know plenty of talented individuals Read More >>

The Mayans Were Wrong, The Web is Alive and Growing

2013 is going to be a huge year on the Web and here at OnWired. To start the year off in the right direction, we will be sharing occasional tips and news we feel may benefit you and grow your business. We’d love to grab your hand and lead the way to this brave new web world of online marketing. Our first four tips (and yeah a tiny sales pitch): Design Still Matters Just not how it used to. The focus is less on the “wow” factor and more on the user interface and getting tasks completed. Read More >>

Self Awareness | One of the Most Powerful (and Underutilized) Tools

This is a part three (and the conclusion) to a mini blog series that I’ve been working to develop. (Wait…did I just hear a sigh of relief?!) I’ve been marinating on the panel discussion from the January TIMA event and really taking ownership of the question (and answer) to “What is the most desirable quality of the New Hire in the web industry?” (see previous blog). And I had just ended with… The discussion took an interesting turn when someone - I can’t really remember who is Read More >>