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Responsive Design Must Go

Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a website killer. He exists in the form of mobile devices. I touched on this subject with ‘The Death of Web Design’ where I briefly mentioned that mobile devices are becoming the go-to device of choice. Today we are expanding on the fact that more and more people are simply using their phones more than their computers. The Myth About Mobile I was a victim as well. People are not starting on mobile devices and then moving to their desktop/laptop for further investigation. Read More >>

80% of Consumers Buy from Brands They Follow Socially

Social media networks allow you to quickly broadcast your product, service, message, etc. to many curious eyes at once. The stronger your brand presence on social media, the more you  can reach. If you’re not in the game — they’re not buying from you! Per, this train ain’t a’slowin down anytime soon either pardner. There are now 7.4 billion people on the planet and of those the following numbers make interesting reading. There are just over 3.4 Billion active Read More >>

WordPress Web Developer Wanted in Raleigh, NC

OnWired, a full-service web design/development firm and all-around cool place to work, is on a quest to find our next superstar WordPress web developer. Read More >>

Bad SEO Can Kill You

Have your organic rankings dropped over the last couple of years? Are you seeing less website traffic at your virtual doorstep than ever before? You may have been exposed to... Read More >>