OnWired Client Go Realty Featured on American Express OPEN Forum

A few days ago I received a nice email from Jim Garman, the brilliant owner of Go Realty, advising me to check out an article about their website GoRealty.biz. The article was titled “What Does Web Design Say About Your Small Business?” and was sitting on American Expresses OPEN Forum site. Needless to say, I was pretty excited for him—and for OnWired. Go’s approach to the busy landscape of real estate is much welcomed. They wanted to humanize the process and show we’re not another Read More >>

Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — Round 4

It’s starting to get ugly in the wireframe arena. Rounds One, Two, and Three reminded me of the knee to face combos between Penn vs. Sanchez back in December. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that rough, but it’s been intense… In the last round, Lovely Charts and Creately were neck and neck, but Creately won out overall. This week Justproto and Gliffy go head-to-head. The Justproto Rundown: Free Templates: 1 Design: Interface 6/10 Tools/Components: 8/10 Sharing:Public Read More >>

The Design / Development Dilemma

Back when Al Gore invented the internet, things were simple. It started with 2 people destined to become inseparable: TCP and IP. IP’s the guy who talks to anyone he meets - he’s a shoe-in and somehow knows everyone. Seriously - his DNS rolodex is fierce. TCP’s the cool chic who keeps the conversation alive. She talks and listens, always offering support: “I understand…I really do.” Together, TCP/ IP are the Internet. And they’re good people. But there was something missing. Read More >>

Please Trust Your Designer

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week or so, you’ve probably heard a little something about LeBron James’ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and join the Miami Heat. Heck, I do my best to completely ignore professional sports and even I know far too much about the brouhaha. LeBron did his best to create a media circus, but I’m not here to talk about him today. Shortly after LeBron’s announcement, Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert released one of the most Read More >>

To Web Marketeers: 3 Reasons Your SEO is Rusting

There are few things as complicated as online marketing. You must combine the science of search engine indexing with high impact messaging that converts customer visits to sales. Knowing where to focus your marketing efforts and dollars is important. Aside from getting lucky with a good viral marketing campaign, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best places to start. You have no hope of listing organically on the first page of Google unless you put some significant thought into your Read More >>

Web Templates vs Web Designers

A website is definitely a huge asset to those who want to promote themselves, their company, or their wares. People from all over the world use the Internet (1.8 billion to be exact) to find all kinds of things — every day; providing a highly manicured website is a great way to capture their attention. As with all things of importance, there are a few difficult choices that must be made during the process of getting a website up and running. The first decision that should be made about your Read More >>

Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — Round 3

Are you ready for the third round of the Wireframe Madness? If you missed the first or second round check them out here: First Round& Second Round. The last round was a blow out between Cacoo and Mockflow. Mockflow easily took the cake. This week things may get ugly between Creately and Lovely Charts. Check out the score below. Let’s do this. Lovely Charts The Lovely Charts Rundown: Free Templates: 1 Design: Interface 7/10 Tools/Components: 6/10 Sharing: Export as PNG Read More >>

Using Datasets in Photoshop

This week I’ve decided to post something a little different. Working with data in Photoshop (CS3+) is probably not something you’ve thought much about. In fact, I’ve only ever run into one case where using datasets and variables in Photoshop made sense to me, but once you know how to use them, you’re bound to find more and more reasons to use them. This approach is a timesaver regardless of the amount of data you might have, but if you’ve only got a few lines of data to work with, Read More >>

iPad Stolen—Finders Keepers


OnWired HQ infiltrated. Enemy agent escaped with iPad. Your objective: locate agent and recover device.

First operative to complete mission will receive iPad.

Intel on enemy agent’s whereabouts to be distributed via Twitter. Follow @onwired to be kept apprised.

The search has begun. If you’ve figured something out, share what you know.

Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — Round 2

It’s time. The second round of the Wireframe Tourney is about to begin. If you missed the first round, STOP right now, and go read it. As I’ve already mentioned, each app will be scrutinized and ranked on “free-ness”, interface design, tool set, and other miscellaneous pros and cons, two at a time. This weeks battle is between Cacoo and Mockflow. Only one app will reign superior and move on to the next bracket. Are you ready to rumble? Cacoo The Cacoo Rundown: Free Templates: Read More >>