Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — Round 2

It’s time. The second round of the Wireframe Tourney is about to begin. If you missed the first round, STOP right now, and go read it. As I’ve already mentioned, each app will be scrutinized and ranked on “free-ness”, interface design, tool set, and other miscellaneous pros and cons, two at a time. This weeks battle is between Cacoo and Mockflow. Only one app will reign superior and move on to the next bracket. Are you ready to rumble? Cacoo The Cacoo Rundown: Free Templates: Read More >>

Time Keeps On Tickin… Tickin… Tickin…

Today, I want to talk about man hours, the act of creation, and the big bang theory. But I’ll only talk about man hours. Many are not aware of the difference between an hour, a man hour, and a woman hour. So, let’s address that first. An HOUR is a collection of 60 minutes. Usually consecutive. Actually, always consecutive, and this is important as you will later see. Henceforth I dub thee: “Clock Hours.” A MAN hour is an hour filled with grunts on a sofa, one hand half down the Read More >>

iPhones are Calling. Is Your Business Answering?

Contrary to popular belief, or at least a few marketing campaigns, the arrival of Apple’s iPhone has not triggered a new age of unprecedented peace. Its fluid, graceful, free-flowing integration of voice, data, music, and cutting-edge applications have yet to fill anyone’s need for world domination — but it just might be able to fill in some holes (yeah, that’s what she said) in your company’s bottom line. It’s not just the fact that there are more than 50 million iPhones in use, Read More >>