We Haz the Chimp

I can not tell a lie Truth be told, I was quite bold, And took the chimp for a ride. It was hard to find a seat belt that fit, In our Avis van…that piece of shit. Things began to look bleak When @kenseals threw out his tweet, Accusing OnWired of this dastardly feat. Oh the fun with Freddie we have had, Adhering to all the demands. Thirteen peanuts and chocolate plantains Just part of the pressing, we had to sustain. Let’s not forget about the flying poo, This chimp’s Read More >>

Confessions of a Serial Intern Part 3

This is the third of a four part series. Catch up with the first one here and second here. August 15, 2008: To start off the new week, I finished up the competitive analysis for Tony. After reading the websites of competitors and looking them up on blogs, I learned what made each company stand out. This helped me gather ideas of what OnWired could do to further market themselves. (Wink, Wink—that would be my next task.) After I sent the analysis to Tony, which turned out to be an 8 page Read More >>

Small Business & Collecting Payments in a Bad Economy

Let’s face it, our economy has become incredibly unstable (thanks to good old Uncle Sam and a few choice banks amongst other things). It seems as though smaller businesses sometimes are delayed in being paid come bill collection time because larger corporations know we don’t have much leverage over them. There are a lot of us who share the same issues, so I’ve come up with a few (hopefully) helpful tricks and tips to prevent some anxieties that probably accompany most small business owners. Make Read More >>

Webmaster Jam Session 2008: We Be Jammin’

After a lovely drive, a short train ride, and a lot of walking, the OnWired crew is coming to you live from the Webmaster Jam Session 2008 in Atlanta. We’ll be posting throughout the day and keeping you updated on the happenings, the quotable quotes, and the tidbits of wisdom we pick up while we’re here. Friday 10AM — Managing Your Personal Brand Brian Oberkirch, marketing consultant and founder of Small Good Thing, led this session. “Do epic shit.” Yes, that’s right — that’s Read More >>

Dislodge the Creative Block

Everyone has creativity but not everyone is a creative. Creative status depends on whether you choose to use your creative ability or not. Creativity can be found in anything from a world-wide marketing campaign to a lie from a five year old trying to get out of eating broccoli casserole. People have been on a hunt for creative inspiration for thousands of years. Creativity was only a concept to Plato and his posse back in the day; it simply meant “to make.” To the ancient Greeks, the artist Read More >>