Web Developer Wanted in Cary NC

Are you a web standards evangelist? Can you wrestle CSS into submission and coerce PHP to do your bidding? Do you get that special tingly feeling when you roll out a shiny new custom-built CMS or ecommerce platform? If so, please keep reading. Read More >>

Are You the Minority

You remember that first brand spanking new computer you purchased for $5,995 with it’s text based user interface and it’s 640 pixel resolution?!? Yeah baby — you dig it the most! You guessed it — times are a-changing my friends. What do you think today’s resolutions are running on, with the advent of all these flat screen HD monitors you see, draping everyones desks from the classroom to the coffee shops? 800 rez? That’s so early 1990’s. 1024 rez? Getting closer but still several Read More >>