Remembering The “Why” This Thanksgiving

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, we embark upon a lot of stresses we don’t normally encounter throughout the rest of the year. The grocery stores are always crowded during this time with lines (at least) four people deep, the aisles are packed with shopping carts being pushed by people who aren’t really even paying attention, but somehow they’ve managed to fill their carts half-full with Turkey Day treats. Traffic seems to be more abundant with impatient drivers honking or using age-old Read More >>

Pay It Forward: Endorse Someone Today!

LinkedIn has been having an impressive year, rolling out updates left and right. There are so many great, new social features that are making it even easier to keep up with your professional network. I was really excited when they updated Company Pages. The opportunity for Companies and Brands to provide really comprehensive information, as well as provide periodic updates regarding what’s happening on a professional level is just GREAT. And I logged in the other day and was invited - as many Read More >>