Wishing you Merry Festivities

Everybody’s doing it. I can’t tell you how many pictures of Holiday parties I’ve seen on my social networks. And you know what?! I love each one of them. Because it reminds me that people are still investing in each other, that companies are still investing in the people who help make their effort worthwhile in the market. How do I get that from a simple snapshot?! I’m reading too much into it, you say?! Could be true. But those people didn’t have to be in the picture. And they Read More >>

Website design – What is it? A Comprehensive Guide for beginners

When it comes to choosing a website design guide, the most important factor that you need to consider is its purpose. Is it for generating traffic or for the enhancement of your website? You might want to get a website design guide that can help you achieve both goals and achieve it well. For instance, the design of a website will greatly influence its success. If you are designing a website that is intended for generating traffic, you might need a different guide than if you want to know about improving Read More >>

Remembering The “Why” This Thanksgiving

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, we embark upon a lot of stresses we don’t normally encounter throughout the rest of the year. The grocery stores are always crowded during this time with lines (at least) four people deep, the aisles are packed with shopping carts being pushed by people who aren’t really even paying attention, but somehow they’ve managed to fill their carts half-full with Turkey Day treats. Traffic seems to be more abundant with impatient drivers honking or using age-old Read More >>

Pay It Forward: Endorse Someone Today!

LinkedIn has been having an impressive year, rolling out updates left and right. There are so many great, new social features that are making it even easier to keep up with your professional network. I was really excited when they updated Company Pages. The opportunity for Companies and Brands to provide really comprehensive information, as well as provide periodic updates regarding what’s happening on a professional level is just GREAT. And I logged in the other day and was invited - as many Read More >>

Focus Today and Play Tomorrow

Focus Today and Play Tomorrow Are you one of those people who have a ton of things to do, yet not sure what to get started on first? Are all tasks of equal importance, so nothing gets completed? If you’ve experienced any of this, then you’re in good company—because so have I. Often times I’ll sit down with the intention of reading and answering emails when suddenly I realize, an email has swept me away to a thread on Facebook. From there, I’m engaged and reading about something totally Read More >>

White Hat SEO in 2012

I’ve recently found myself in two client meetings where the topic of “white hat SEO” arose. If you’re not familiar with White Hat and Black Hat SEO—I suggest you read a little on the subject—especially if you’re a business owner hiring search engine experts. In these meetings I’ve realized this topic is still pretty vague, even after umpteen years of its existence. What I’ve found myself sharing, and what I’ll share here with you—my trusted reader—is that much like my Read More >>

You’re the Driver: Five tricks to turn your dream into reality

Have you ever had a burning desire to start something magnificent, but then felt overwhelmed with all the details? Still working the 9-5 job while wishing you were selling your hand-crafted jewelry online? Want to learn to code with ease? Balance a spinning basketball on your finger? All these skills start somewhere. Not sure where to begin? Or where to turn for help? These questions could make it easy for some people to become discouraged and eventually talk themselves out of what could be a Read More >>

Web Marketing Directs the Traffic

An online presence doesn’t just mean a website anymore, it also means having great sub-sites, mini-sites, social media platforms, blogs, etc… You get the idea. Having a great website doesn’t guarantee that people are going to automatically notice it when it’s launched. You’ve got to create awareness about it in the marketplace, which means expanding beyond just the website. (That’s why pre-launch marketing campaigns are so important. It creates a buzz that otherwise wouldn’t Read More >>

New Facebook App Wows Users Into Getting Work Done

Have you heard about the new Facebook App for iPhone/iPad that everyone is oohing-and-ahhing about? Have you tried it? No?! You should. The developers at Facebook decided to start from scratch on this newest update, which means that the app is working at optimum for iDevice users. Content is loading faster, notifications are coming through in a blink of an eye, not to mention that posting and reviewing photos is easier than it’s ever been. I cannot tell you how much I am loving this update Read More >>

If you build it, they will come…

A long time ago (2009), in a land far far away (Germany) I traveled to Cologne on business. We stayed at the “Radisson Blu” - which was appropriately swank for our meeting: sauna, rec room, breakfast, bar, customer service - it was truly par excellence. But, that’s not what made this trip classically interesting. As it happened, I forgot something in the dining room (as I am prone to do) so I headed back to the “lift.” As I stepped into the elevator, who’s standing there in the Read More >>