How Twitter Represents You

Twitter isn’t being referred to as “next big thing” anymore — for many businesses, entrepreneurs and those out to self-promote, it’s seemingly the only thing. Micro-blogging has exploded onto the social networking scene with Twitter, years behind the status update features of Myspace and Facebook. Unlike the two aforementioned, however, Twitter doesn’t come with fairly dimensional layers and the lengthy learning curve. You put in your e-mail account, grab a few buddies (“followers”), Read More >>

Marketing in an Economic Downturn

There seems to be very little argument that our economy is experiencing a downturn that looks like it will be with us for a while. In the face of economic uncertainty, it can be very tempting to cut back on advertising. Many companies give into this temptation in times like these. Budgets for online advertising, website improvements, and sales staffs are often cut back and marketing improvements are often postponed. There are many reasons why this reaction to an economic downturn may be a critical Read More >>