Working Better at Night

Are you one of those web designers or developers that thrive on working until the roosters are crowing? Don’t fret, you’re not alone. Actually, as I type out this article on my new MacBook, it’s about midnight here; a few of us have decided to pull an all-nighter simply to catch up (or get ahead) on some projects. Why Are We Doing This? I recall the days when I was the only designer here at OnWired, and I clearly remember being much more productive between 10pm and 4am. Oh, the nights of Read More >>

The Best & Worst of 2008

While some of you rejoiced when last year ended, we personally thought 2008 was a dandy. We had Manga avatars, saw Twitter explode with new users, and watched helplessly as thousands of new design blogs and galleries crowded the net. In our opinion, 2008 isn’t dead until we get a few things (or plugs) off our chests… Inspirational Blog of 2008: Winner: 24 Ways With a staff of experienced professionals, 24 Ways brings design and development into a single blog better than anybody. On Read More >>