Using jQuery to Produce Rich User Interfaces

Since we launched our new company site back in November, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from visitors and well-wishers about the novel approach to our portfolio. And while we expected to hear from other designers and developers, I was somewhat surprised to learn the impact it has on potential clients: often, via email or in person, I hear that seeing the stages of our creative process presented as a zippy polaroid left a lasting impression in their mind. And when a prospective client Read More >>

PHP Developer With MVC Experience Wanted

Are you a web standards evangelist? Do you despise table-based layouts as much as we do? Can you wrestle CSS into submission and coerce PHP to do your bidding? Do you get that special tingly feeling when you roll out a shiny new site with a fancy CMS on the back end? If so, please keep reading. OnWired, a full-service web design/development firm (and all-around cool place to work), is on the hunt for web developers. We’re looking for someone with a creative mind, a keen understanding of user Read More >>