Better Drop Shadows

We’ve gotten more than one question from curious creative types out there on the Web about how we achieved certain effects on our website. Lots of people want to know about the shadows, and I know why: far too many designers just use the craptastic default drop shadow settings in Photoshop. Why do you stick with something that looks so artificial when it’s not very hard to do something a little more photorealistic? In an effort to make the Web a better place, I’m going to share my top secret Read More >>

Blogging Tip to Live By

There are millions of blogs in the world and if you have one, you are simply adding to the growing pile of the public’s online writing.  But with so many different blogs out there, how are you ever going to promote yours to the point where you will have regular readers? This tip is probably the easiest one of all, and it will have you saying “Tony, you idiot, I already knew that.”  That’s fine (although I would prefer to keep the name calling to a minimum), but remembering this tip will Read More >>