Dealing With Design Theft

It happens. Today, when pretty much everything is digital and even your six-year-old cousin has easy access to the necessary tools, intellectual property infringement is a fairly common occurrence. We’ve all heard countless tales of RIAA lawsuits, stolen logos, and family photos being used on national television and in advertising campaigns without permission. Since we launched our site redesign in late November, we’ve gotten a ginormous amount of traffic. People seemed to like our site Read More >>

That Didn’t Take Long

We launched our new design 20 November 2007, and since then we’ve been fortunate enough to receive quite a bit of positive feedback: kind words sent through our contact form, some great publicity in a few design galleries, and even praiseworthy mention in an article about top 2007 design trends. But you know you’ve really got some fans when you encounter something like this: I’ve posted a screenshot so you can marvel at his mad design skillz!!1!. You can also find it on Flickr Read More >>