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What the Heck is 850kg of Gold Dust Worth Anyways?

Ok, I’ve seen many a spam letter but I’ve yet to see one that breaks out and asks for a phone number, address, and my license number for God’s sakes! Just popped open my email this evening to find this lovely bit of garbage…

“Good Day,

I am writting this letter with due respect and heartful of tears since we have not known or met ourselves previously. I am asking for your assistance after getting your contact from a reliable source.I want to find out if it’s possible for you to Read More >>

Disappointing Spaces

We got our office copy of Leopard a few weeks ago and I’ve have had some time to give it a spin. Overall I’m very pleased – it feels solid, more polished, and a little more responsive than Tiger. Here’s a quick list of my likes and dislikes:
Way to Go, Apple
Huge improvements: much faster, and the new source pane is amazing (it looks a lot like iTunes now). It also includes a ‘Shared’ list that displays all the public folders on the network so sending files back and forth is Read More >>

Google AdSense Tips — The Power of the Newsletter

When it comes to making serious money with Google AdSense, successful marketing is an essential element of success. After all, visitors will not be able to click on the ads you host if they cannot find your site. Boosting traffic is an essential part of AdSense success, and one of the best ways to boost those page views is through the use of newsletters.

Newsletters can serve a variety of important purposes beyond the world of Google AdSense, of course. For instance, a well written and informative Read More >>