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Are You the Minority

You remember that first brand spanking new computer you purchased for $5,995 with it’s text based user interface and it’s 640 pixel resolution?!? Yeah baby — you dig it the most!

You guessed it — times are a-changing my friends. What do you think today’s resolutions are running on, with the advent of all these flat screen HD monitors you see, draping everyones desks from the classroom to the coffee shops?

800 rez? That’s so early 1990’s.

1024 rez? Getting closer but still several

How to Market Your Small Business

Local newspaper ads aren’t working for you anymore?

What’s that—all you have left is the local coffee shop paper to advertise in?!?

Fear not small business owner—I have 3, yes THREE, ways to save your marketing day. One of them will even increase your SEO with Google, shhhh…
Head Out of the House
Have you been to MeetUp.com? No it’s not just gardeners comparing green thumbs or stay at home parents looking for sanity in an adult setting (although I’m sure it’s happening quite Read More >>

The Mayans Were Wrong, The Web is Alive and Growing

2013 is going to be a huge year on the Web and here at OnWired. To start the year off in the right direction, we will be sharing occasional tips and news we feel may benefit you and grow your business.

We’d love to grab your hand and lead the way to this brave new web world of online marketing.

Our first four tips (and yeah a tiny sales pitch):

Design Still Matters
Just not how it used to. The focus is less on the “wow” factor and more on the user interface and getting tasks completed. Read More >>

White Hat SEO in 2012

I’ve recently found myself in two client meetings where the topic of “white hat SEO” arose. If you’re not familiar with White Hat and Black Hat SEO—I suggest you read a little on the subject—especially if you’re a business owner hiring search engine experts.

In these meetings I’ve realized this topic is still pretty vague, even after umpteen years of its existence. What I’ve found myself sharing, and what I’ll share here with you—my trusted reader—is that much like my Read More >>

If you build it, they will come…

A long time ago (2009), in a land far far away (Germany) I traveled to Cologne on business. We stayed at the “Radisson Blu” - which was appropriately swank for our meeting: sauna, rec room, breakfast, bar, customer service - it was truly par excellence.

But, that’s not what made this trip classically interesting.

As it happened, I forgot something in the dining room (as I am prone to do) so I headed back to the “lift.” As I stepped into the elevator, who’s standing there in the Read More >>

Why are you building a website?

As with all advertising and marketing, your website exists for a very important reason: it’s the genesis of your sales efforts. However, many business owners I speak with - in fact, even some of our clients - don’t look at their web presence this way. Thus - I was inspired to write this article.

Why do you want a website?

Let’s get serious. The only purpose of using the web is to make sales - whether you are selling yourself as a personal brand, selling products, or selling Read More >>

OnWired Client Go Realty Featured on American Express OPEN Forum

A few days ago I received a nice email from Jim Garman, the brilliant owner of Go Realty, advising me to check out an article about their website GoRealty.biz. The article was titled “What Does Web Design Say About Your Small Business?” and was sitting on American Expresses OPEN Forum site. Needless to say, I was pretty excited for him—and for OnWired.

Go’s approach to the busy landscape of real estate is much welcomed. They wanted to humanize the process and show we’re not another Read More >>

Wireframe Madness: The FREE Wireframe App Tourney — Round 4

It’s starting to get ugly in the wireframe arena. Rounds One, Two, and Three reminded me of the knee to face combos between Penn vs. Sanchez back in December. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that rough, but it’s been intense…

In the last round, Lovely Charts and Creately were neck and neck, but Creately won out overall. This week Justproto and Gliffy go head-to-head.

The Justproto Rundown:
Free Templates: 1

Design: Interface 6/10

Tools/Components: 8/10

Sharing:Public

The Design / Development Dilemma

Back when Al Gore invented the internet, things were simple. It started with 2 people destined to become inseparable: TCP and IP. IP’s the guy who talks to anyone he meets - he’s a shoe-in and somehow knows everyone. Seriously - his DNS rolodex is fierce. TCP’s the cool chic who keeps the conversation alive. She talks and listens, always offering support: “I understand…I really do.” Together, TCP/ IP are the Internet. And they’re good people.

But there was something missing.