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Using jQuery to Produce Rich User Interfaces

Since we launched our new company site back in November, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from visitors and well-wishers about the novel approach to our portfolio. And while we expected to hear from other designers and developers, I was somewhat surprised to learn the impact it has on potential clients: often, via email or in person, I hear that seeing the stages of our creative process presented as a zippy polaroid left a lasting impression in their mind. And when a prospective client Read More >>

Refresh the Triangle

Come One, Come All
Here’s a heads-up that me and the gang will be in full-force tomorrow night for this month’s Refresh the Triangle:

“Dr jQuery (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the DOM)”

I expect to start with a (really) short introduction to jQuery, then move on to a bunch of hands-on examples using it to manipulate DOM elements on a web page. No programming experience required! You can run jQuery commands from the command line in Firefox using the Firebug extension, Read More >>

Web Development Workflow That Works

Small design firms like ours have a lot to juggle: we manage clients, sales, proposals, phone calls, billing, marketing, writing, and — when we have a free moment — the actual pixel-pushing that gets us paid! And when it comes to one’s development workflow, it pays to standardize on a handful of devices and technologies rather than try to be all things to all people. For example, in our office we’re an all-Apple shop, which means that we seldom have any hardware or uthftware compatibility Read More >>

That Didn’t Take Long

We launched our new design 20 November 2007, and since then we’ve been fortunate enough to receive quite a bit of positive feedback: kind words sent through our contact form, some great publicity in a few design galleries, and even praiseworthy mention in an article about top 2007 design trends. But you know you’ve really got some fans when you encounter something like this:

I’ve posted a screenshot so you can marvel at his mad design skillz!!1!. You can also find it on Flickr Read More >>

Make the Season Bright!

Each year, we receive Christmas and holiday cards from our clients and associates. And each year, we spend days trying to figure out what we should send them: Chocolate? Cards? Stuffed raccoons? (We opted for the first two.) Now, we could have taken the easy route and gone all-Hallmark on them, but we’re a classier bunch: we decided instead to hand-make our Christmas cards this year, since nothing warms the holiday spirit like generic gold foil holly, acorns, and glossy lettering on a navy background. Read More >>

Q & A with Student Sam

We get a lot of email here at OW HQ1, nothing special, just the garden–variety sort: super deals on pharmaceuticals, link exchange offers from Indian data companies, opportunities to transfer large sums of money to our account from deposed Nigerian dictators — you know, the usual. Sometimes we even receive requests for design services. Every so often, though, we get one of the really rare emails: a chance to pass on our wisdom to the next generation. In this case, a budding local designer sought Read More >>

New Rule #1: “Blog” Is a Noun

An Elite Special Ops Merc’s Work is Never Done
As part of OnWired’s ongoing mission to rid the web of ugly design(or, in this case, English grammar), we present to you the first in a series: New Rules!

“Blog”, as you’ll recall, is short for “weblog”. This is common knowledge, to be sure, but remember: a log, of any kind — web or otherwise — is a noun. A thing. In this case, a thing you read. (Or write.) One does not “blog”, one “reads” or “writes” a blog. ready-made Read More >>