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Please Trust Your Designer

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week or so, you’ve probably heard a little something about LeBron James’ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and join the Miami Heat. Heck, I do my best to completely ignore professional sports and even I know far too much about the brouhaha. LeBron did his best to create a media circus, but I’m not here to talk about him today.

Shortly after LeBron’s announcement, Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert released one of the most Read More >>

How We Communicate

Imagine that you’re trying to put together a puzzle. You snap two pieces together, but then there’s a knock at the door. You answer. It’s the Girl Scouts selling cookies. You buy half a dozen boxes of Caramel deLites because you can’t get enough of that divine chocolate-caramel-coconut combination, and then you go back to your puzzle. You connect another piece and then the phone rings. It’s your mother-in-law. “Yeah, I was wondering if blah blah blah…” You thoughtfully and lovingly Read More >>

Sales Superstar? We Need You!

Do you enjoy socializing at networking events? Are you on the latest and greatest social networks? Do you get that special tingly feeling when you help someone find the perfect solution to their problem? If so, please keep reading.

OnWired, a full-service graphic design, web development and online marketing firm, is on a quest to find a superstar sales consultant. We’re looking for someone with a creative mind, attention to detail, self-motivation, exceptional communication skills, and the ability Read More >>

Why the disparity between our own site and the work in our portfolio?

There is a certain comment that I hear from time to time. It’s one that I don’t really like to hear. It’s one that I don’t really want to respond to, because doing so means I have to say some things that I don’t necessarily want to say. Keep reading and you’ll see where I’m coming from. Here’s the dreadful comment:
OnWired’s site looks really great, but it seems like quality drops off a bit when it comes to some of the work in your portfolio.
I’ll be the first to admit that

Don’t Ignore The Big Red Flags

The economy sucks — or so the media tells me. From what I can tell, everybody is still spending exorbitant amounts of money on overpriced t-shirts, electronics, and whatever else they can get their hands on. A few weeks ago, we had the biggest shopping day of the year, and all indications are that it was quite successful.

If the economy is so bad, why aren’t we seeing a slowdown in potential web design and development projects? In fact, we’re getting more than we ever have, and the average Read More >>

Webmaster Jam Session 2008: We Be Jammin’

After a lovely drive, a short train ride, and a lot of walking, the OnWired crew is coming to you live from the Webmaster Jam Session 2008 in Atlanta. We’ll be posting throughout the day and keeping you updated on the happenings, the quotable quotes, and the tidbits of wisdom we pick up while we’re here.
10AM — Managing Your Personal Brand
Brian Oberkirch, marketing consultant and founder of Small Good Thing, led this session.

“Do epic shit.” Yes, that’s right — that’s Read More >>

Here We Grow Again

In the past few weeks, the OnWired team has doubled in size.  After reviewing hundreds of resumes and and conducting more than our fair share of interviews, we found a few up-and-coming stars that we just couldn’t pass up.

Megan Richhart is our newest web designer.  She recently graduated from Ball State University, where she studied journalism graphics and digital publishing.  Given the fact that she was taking a class on designing digital media for the iPhone in her last semester, it’s Read More >>

Better Drop Shadows

We’ve gotten more than one question from curious creative types out there on the Web about how we achieved certain effects on our website. Lots of people want to know about the shadows, and I know why: far too many designers just use the craptastic default drop shadow settings in Photoshop. Why do you stick with something that looks so artificial when it’s not very hard to do something a little more photorealistic?

In an effort to make the Web a better place, I’m going to share my top secret Read More >>

Dealing With Design Theft

It happens. Today, when pretty much everything is digital and even your six-year-old cousin has easy access to the necessary tools, intellectual property infringement is a fairly common occurrence. We’ve all heard countless tales of RIAA lawsuits, stolen logos, and family photos being used on national television and in advertising campaigns without permission.

Since we launched our site redesign in late November, we’ve gotten a ginormous amount of traffic. People seemed to like our site Read More >>

The Email Standards Project

It’s about time. Literally. After a few years doing email marketing — a year of which was spent in the trenches at an email marketing service provider — I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get HTML emails to render properly in all of the different email clients. Every time I code an email template, it has to be tested in up to 19 different email clients. That’s right — nineteen. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list:

AOL Webmail
Apple Mail
Comcast Webmail
Earthlink Webmail
Lotus