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3 Signs Your SEO Sucks

Small business owners are the wizards of DIY work.  Need to fix a copy machine?  Nobody owns copy machines anymore; throw it out the window and go to Kinkos.  That was a bad example, but as a small business owner, you know you’re frugal when it comes to certain everyday items you need completed.  That has somehow extended to Do-It-Yourself SEO.

Your first mistake is thinking you know anything about Search Engine Optimization; you don’t, and it’s hard.  As someone who tried to do the Read More >>

5 Social Media Marketing Blunders

In the world of Marketing, it’s often easy to tout oneself as a “Social Media Guru.”  You post a few cat videos, get over 50 likes then, boom.  You quickly find yourself posting for your friend’s homemade jewelry Facebook page.  It sounds simple, and it means extra time spent scrolling the news feed.  However, in actuality, Social Media Marketing is much more than post and go.

In this article, we’ll talk about a few blunders many of us have made (and learned from) and how you can Read More >>